U12 Boys Team 1 - Ottawa Icebreaker Champions

U12 Boys Team 1 - Ottawa Icebreaker Champions

I am proud to report that our U12 Boys Team 1 won the Ottawa Icebreaker tournament this weekend. An interesting tournament layout, called the double shoot out, guaranteed each team 4 games. Teams were only eliminated after two losses. The game times in the preliminary round were 2x15 min and in the final rounds 2x20 min. After that it went straight to shootout if the teams were tied. 3 shots in the preliminary round and 5 in the final rounds. Teams got 1 point for a shoot out loss and 2 points for shoot out win. We played a total of 8 games in a pool of 24 teams. We had a number of injuries during the tournament, with our goalie having the worst one on his growth plate injury in his wrist. We dedicated the win to him. After all he was able to celebrate with us after he came back from x-rays.

Congratulations Stingers!!!