The SOCCER4U program provides a curriculum framework for children born in 2020 focusing on:


  • Basic Motor Skills
  • Emotional, personal and social development
  • Individual ball mastery
  • Cognitive Development

Young players will be exposed some of the worlds best coaching methods by licensed instructors. Participation in this program will assist children in developing positive self esteem; promote a healthy attitude towards physical activity as well as developing basic physical literacy and ball skills.

Training Overview

  • Ball mastery | Exercises where players work alone using the ball with high repetition of touches
  • Physical literacy | Fun games incorporating game specific movements
  • Parent Involvement - 1v1 activities and fun game

SOCCER 4U (12 weeks)

Saturdays      9-9:45am (starts May 25) - Sheppard's Bush #7, #8, #9
12 sessions

Mondays        5-5:45pm (starts May 27) - Stewart Burnett Turf Field
12 sessions

Wednesdays  5-5:45pm (starts May 22) - Stewart Burnett Turf Field
12 sessions

The instructors will be there waiting for you. Children should arrive dressed in clothing they are comfortable to play in.

All children must wear shin pads, soccer shoes are optional (in our experience, most children are wearing soccer shoes), however, running shoes are fine.

Parents are expected to stay at field with their child for the duration of the session.


Programs Offered:

Program Birth Year Day Start Date  Sessions Early Bird Regular Fee  Status
Soccer4U 2020 Saturdays
May 25 12 $259 $299 OPEN
Soccer4U 2020 Mondays
May 27 12 $259 $299 OPEN
Soccer4U 2020 Wednesdays
May 22 12 $259 $299 OPEN



Long Term Player Development (LTPD)


As part of the Long Term Player Development (LTPD) program mandated by the Canadian Soccer Association (CSA), the AYSC Soccer4U program falls under the Active Start Stage of development, which introduces children to the game of soccer. During the Active Start stage of development, the goal is to keep the children moving, active with a ball and develop a passion for the game of soccer. Teaching basic movements such as running, jumping, twisting, kicking, throwing and catching is key at this stage. A central focus is on the player with the ball!

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