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Aurora FC is excited to announce special pricing for York 9 FC season Tickets! York 9 Football Club is a Canadian professional soccer club based in York Region, Ontario. The club will compete in the Canadian Premier League. As a Club Member in York Region - York 9 FC has offered a discounted price of $349.99 (regular price is $399.99) for Season tickets starting next April 2019 at York University.  There will be 16 home games in the first season.
Aurora FC will have a special section in the stadium for our parents & families.  

This is a limited time offer; expires August 31, 2018. 
Enter promo code AFC2018 when placing your $50 season ticket deposit.

Click Link to place your deposit today!

Questions regarding Season Tickets - please contact Ben at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 416-525-8780. 


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Aurora FC 2017/18 Competitive Winter Program Schedules & Fees

Aurora FC 2017/18 Competitive Winter Program Schedules & Fees
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Markela Bejleri Called Into Albania U19 Women's Camp

Markela Albania

Markela Bejleri Called Into Albania U19 Women's Camp

September 21, 2017 9:00AM                   Aurora FC Staff

Aurora FC 2001 OPDL player Markela Bejleri was selected to the Albanian U19 Women's squad for a pair of friendlies against Bosnia & Herzegovina U19 in early September 2017. The Albanian U19's lost 0-4 to Bosnia & Herzegovina U19, in a friendly match in Kamez, Albania. Markela started the match and played as an attacking midfielder, however the squad couldn't get a positive result in this second friendly match between the two countries. 

Albania U19 Roster

1 GK - Marigona Zani | TSV JanhCalden, Germany 07/05/1996
2 GK - viona Rexhepi | Hajvalia, Kosovo 07/24/1996
3 DF - Albina Rahman | Woodlands 02/24/1989
4 DF - arbiona Bajraktari | Woodlands 09/10/1996
5 DF - Luci gender | Woodlands 05/02/1994
6 DF - arbenita Curraj | Hajvalia, Kosovo 07/28/1996
7 DF - Alma Hila | Florentina, Italy 02/02/2000
8 DF- Erida Bajrakurtaj | film studio 03/16/1994
9 DF - cyme Lulaj | film studio 20/10/1989
10 DF - Sara Maliqi | Woodlands 09/10/1995
11 MF - Qendresa Krasniqi | Yverdon, Switzerland 06/28/1994
12 MF - Suada Jashari | Woodlands 09/10/1988
13 MF - Megi Doci | Woodlands 14/11/1996
14 MF - glory Centro | JYPK, Finland 19.01.1993
15 MF - Esmeralda Franja | Woodlands 04/02/1997
16 MF - Greis Domi | Fiorentina, Italy 30/10/1998
17 MF - Markela Bejleri | Aurora FC, Canada 2001
18 MF - Blerina Morina | FC Rosengard Club 25.08.2000
19 ST - Saranda Hashani | BV Cloppenburg, Germany 20.05.1996
20 ST - memoir Kurtbogaj | Sweden 26/11/1996
21 ST - Zylfije Bajramaj | Hajvalia, Kosovo 02/10/1997
22 ST - Hope Aradini | FSV Gutersloh, Germany 08/13/1994
23 ST - Mimoza Hamiti | BSC Young Boys, Swiss 02.11.1993

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Olivia Scott Q&A with AYSC

DSC 5976

How has your experience been playing in the OPDL? How has the competition been and how has it helped develop and improve your game?

I have been playing with the OPDL since U13 under coach Siamac. I have enjoyed the focus and intensity that Siamac brings to practices. All of my teammates come to practice eager and ready to learn and work hard. The encouragement of my teammates and the level of competition has resulted in me continually improving my game. We are lucky to have a lot of support including trainers at every practice, we have had nutrition and sport psychology sessions every year and this year we have begun to focus on University scholarship opportunities.  The competition in OPDL is good.  While some teams are better than others, in OPDL you can’t let up! The minute you stop working hard and working as a team the ball ends up in the back of the net.

Having played in AYSC for so long, what are your thoughts on the development and progress of women's soccer in Ontario and in Aurora?

When I was younger the highest level in Aurora you could play for soccer was rep. Now, Aurora has developed more opportunities for women’s soccer by providing OPDL and League 1.  These leagues have made an impact of women’s soccer. Both OPDL and league 1 have professional coaches who are committed to player development. For girls who really like the competitive game, they can find great training and competition right here in Aurora. 

How did you feel when you found out you had been selected for the national team? What personal goals did you set for yourself in the lead up to the tournament?

It was an honour to be selected to represent my Country. It was like a dream come true. I had been thinking about this moment since I was 8 years old when I started rep soccer playing for Coach Brent Unger. I focused on fitness and health during the lead up to the tournament. I did weight training 3 times a week and interval training twice a week.  This fitness regime made me stronger on the pitch with more stamina. I also focused on eating healthier and hydration.

How was your experience in the national team? What new things did you learn during your time there and what new things will you add to your game?

The experience included the travel, the hotel, the team, the coaching ,the weather, the games and health. All the Ontario players traveled down to Orlando together. When we got to the resort we met with the rest of the team and the coaches. Although we did not know each other, it only took a couple of hours before we started to bond as good friends and teammates. Every day we had a schedule emailed with activities such as meetings, hydration tests, massage, practices, meals, games, video sessions, and curfew. Every night we had to be in our rooms lights out at 9 o’clock and up early. I thought I would never be able to fall asleep at 9, but after a couple of days 9 felt like midnight. We were away for 16 days and we played 7 games. It felt like the team got better every game but so did the competition. We learned the importance of hydration and new tactics. Hydration was so important because it was 35 plus degrease outside every day. The tactics became more and more important as we played against tougher teams.  My favourite game was the semi-final against Mexico.  We were down by one goal early and we had to come back.   They are a very competitive team.  Our entire team had to play at our highest level to win that game.  It was amazing to come away with the victory. 

What are your hopes for the future? Where would you like soccer to take you in the next five years?

In the future I hope to earn a scholarship to a division 1 university. I also hope to play for the U17, U20 and eventually the women’s national team.

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