U11 Boys - Win 2012 Empire Cup

U11 Boys Team 2 - Win 2012 Lakefront Classic Empire Cup

The Aurora Stingers White U11 Boys Team 2 were champions at the WSA's 21st Annual Lakefront Classic/Empire Cup 2012.  The boys played hard, beating their opponents 11-0 first game, 10-0 second game, 3-0 third game and won in the finals 2-0!  Four shut outs for our team!!  We went into the final game with a 0-0 score up until second half and then put two goals in the second half, to a team that had also won all of their games in shut outs up until then.  Our boys fought hard despite of the heat and were thrilled to beat a tough opponent who also fought hard up until the very last second. Congratulations Stingers!