U10 Girls -T2 Brams United Tournament Champions

2000 Girls Team 2 – Brams United Invitational Tournament 2010 Champions!

The Aurora Stingers 2000 Girls Team 2 is having an incredible summer. They have always been an underdog team – never catching any breaks – not always winning, but definitely competing in every single game. Every girl on the team has such great spirit – winning and losing graciously and playing with heart. So far this season (with only two of twelve games remaining), the girls have won two and tied two–but put them in tournaments and cup-play and they really shine!

Can-Am Tournament

It started with the Can-Am tournament right here in Aurora. They finished first in their pool with 2 wins (1-0 vs Newmarket United Red, 2-1 vs North London Jr. Lasers) and a tie (0-0 vs. Oak Ridges Knights). They faced Oak Ridges again in the semi-finals – every time they play this team it ends in a tie. This game was no exception, ending 3-3 in regulation time. Then in overtime, Selina Issa scored a fantastic goal on a free kick, putting the Stingers in the U10 Girls finals! They played a fantastic final game vs Barrie Spirit, but just couldn't put one in the net, finishing 2nd overall with a 1-0 loss to Barrie.

McGarrigle Cup – heading to the Semi-Finals!

In the first round of the McGarrigle Cup, the 2000 Stinger Girls Team 2 defeated Newmarket United Red with a 2-1 win.

In the quarter-final, they faced the Thornhill Thunder this past Friday and played their best game yet. Two fantastic goals – one from the corner by Michaela Iacono in the first 3 minutes of the game. Another a few minutes later when a free kick by Selina Issa bounced over the goalie's head and Vanessa Carriere was there to finish it off! The Thunder did not even have a shot on goal until the 2nd half and couldn't put anything in our net. A fantastic 2-0 win and they are moving on to the semi-finals against Barrie Spirit this coming Saturday.

Brams United Invitational Tournament – Undefeated Champions!

During a very hot and humid weekend in Brampton, the Stingers 2000 Girls Team 2 won all 3 games on the Saturday to finish in first position for the semi-finals. First was 3-0 vs Brams United Cyclones, then 3-1 vs Thornhill Thunder and 2-1 vs the Brams United Shockers. In the semi-finals, they beat the Cyclones again 7-0 – really outplayed them.

Then they faced Thornhill Thunder again in the finals (3 days in a row they played this team!!). What a nail-biter. Scoreless almost to the end of the first half – some great chances on both sides. Thornhill scored on a penalty shot. Then our Michaela Iacono scored on a penalty shot to tie it up 1-1 at the half. Then Thornhill scored a goal. Only 15 minutes to go and the Stingers are down 2-1. Then a beautiful goal by Florence Awde to tie it up. The Stinger fans are going crazy – if it ends in a tie, it's going to a penalty shoot-out!! Then with a couple of minutes to go, Vanessa Carriere scores an incredible goal!!! Woo hoo!! The Stingers are in the lead!! The parents are out of their seats and screaming!!!!!!! There's maybe 2 minutes left – must hang on to this lead!!! The ball is in the Stinger's end, it's pinging back and forth and a hard shot is going to the far corner.......keeper Charlotte Bulmer makes a FLYING DIVE to the other side of the net and takes the ball in the gut and makes a HUGE game winning save!!!! But oh no.....she's not getting up....she's winded. Coach Nick Iacono is there and Charlotte's lying on her back trying to breathe. Coach Nick is bringing her legs up to her chest and back again, helping her to get her breath. He's chanting to her, "Breathe in, breathe out, you just made the save that won us the cup.....breathe in, breathe out, you just made the save that won us the cup......" She gets up, has a sip of water and is on her feet and ready to play!!! There's still 2 minutes left. Fans on both sides are screaming and going crazy......the Stingers can't get the ball out of their end....Charlotte Bulmer saves two more shots on goal.......and FINALLY the ref blows the whistle........THE STINGERS WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TOURNAMENT CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!

So look out McGarrigle Cup semi-finalists – here come the Aurora Stingers 2000 Girls Team 2!


Back Row (L to R): Assistant Coach Duncan Awde, Head Coach Nick Iacono, Assistant Coach Robert Russo
Standing (L to R): Vanessa Carriere, Rebekah Feld, Rachel Megit
Kneeling or Sitting (L to R): Madison Kuchar, Selina Issa, Emily Gibson, Laura Marrelli
Lying Down (L to R): Florence Awde, Monique Bourgeois, Charlotte Bulmer, Michaela Iacono, Julia Russo
Absent (injured): Alysha Barbara