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Position Description Full Job Description
AISL Field Marshall AYSC representative for teams and spectators during games icon AISL-Field-Marshall
Equipment Bag Returns Facilitate the return of 300 house league equipment bags icon Equipment-Bag-Return
Equipment Bag Distribution Facilitate the distribution of 300 house league equipment bags and uniform sets icon Equipment-Bag-Distibution
CanAm / John Trag Field Marshall AYSC representative at remote fields for teams and spectators icon Can-Am-or-John-Trag-Field-Marshall
House League Coach To provide a high quality soccer program for players within a positive environment/atmosphere icon Outdoor House-League-Coach
icon Indoor House League Coach
House League Convenor To help the VP of House League organize divisions and to communicate information between the club and coaches/parents icon House-League-Convenor
Home Show Booth Representative Represent and promote the AYSC at a community event icon Home-Show-Booth-Representative
Magna Fields Access Control Every year we find ourselves in a situation with parents and players walking through the gardens to access the Magna fields, especially the first week of the season icon Magna-Field-Access-Control
Office Help / Give Aways Pack hand outs to be distributed to all house league teams icon House-League-Give-Aways
Parking Attendant at Tournaments To help direct traffic in the south parking lot of Sheppard's Bush icon Tournament-Parking-Attendant
REP Coach To provide a high quality soccer program for competitve players within a positive environment/atmosphere  Please utilize the Volunteer Application form at the top of the page.
Skills Competition Assistant Run a speed/skill competition for our house league players icon HL-Skills-Competion-Assistant
Street Sale Booth Representative Represent and promote the AYSC at a community event icon Street-Sale-Booth-Representative
Tournament Help / Field Check & Setup Ensure soccer fields are set-up and ready to be played on icon Tournament-Help-Field-Set-Up-and-Check
Equipment Distribution Help get the equipment ready for the up-coming season icon HL-Equipment-Distribution


To inquire or apply for any of the above positions complete the volunteer registration form and return it to the AYSC office.

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