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I don't get it, what is all this OPDL talk?
OPDL is a part of the Canada Soccer Pathway. Starting at the U13 level, it is the next step to one day being a member of the Canadian National Team. Getting identified to compete for OPDL is a real success. The OPDL is basically a pool of players that our Regional Talent Scouts can call up into camps. By playing at the OPDL level, you have a higher chance of being recognized and selected to train with the Regional Talent Centre(RTC). Once selected for RTC, a player may be called into the Regional Excel (REX) Training Centres followed National Team selection.

Why choose OPDL?
If your child wants to compete to their full potential and get trained by National level coaches and– it is the right choice.
What are the benefits?
      • Noticeable change in focus from "team wins" to "individual development"
      • OSA and CSA scouts are regularly in attendance
      • The only thing worse than winning 9-0 is losing 9-0. Games are competitive
      • Practice/game times are set and run to schedule for the majority of the time
      • Time off is reliable – no soccer on long weekends, two weeks off in summer, Winter break

Why choose Aurora OPDL?
  1. Club Integrity – We are excited to hold an OPDL license and we hold it with great pride. Through our coaching and administration staff, we ensure that our program is meeting and exceeding the standards set by the Ontario Soccer Association. All of our teams have a dedicated Head Coach appointed by the club. Our trainers and sport performance staff are well respected in the community and have a proven track record to know what it takes to push our athletes to the next level. We also train at the best facilities Aurora.
  2. Regional Talent Centre Success – It is not about wins, losses and ties, more importantly – Aurora players have been noticed and called into Regional Training Centre training. In our first year, we sent 35 players to the RTC days, with one player succeeding to the next level, being scouted and called in to the Regional Excel Program (REX).

What do my fees cover?
When you put the entire cost of OPDL including time commitment, expenses and travel, it is comparative to the rep/competitive level. With tournaments and a set schedule for the year, it is easier and more affordable to plan the entire year. There are just over 500 National level certified coaches in Canada and your child is being trained by one, or sometimes two of these elite coaches. Also, you are in this high performance training environment 3-4 times a week. This is a great advantage when you are looking at individual player development and the growth you see in a few months in this training environment.

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