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The OPDL demands a substantial time and cost commitment. The league significantly raises the bar on the intensity of routine training, including the addition of mandatory sport science, elite coaches and length of the season. These fees are consistent with other high performance sports programs across Ontario. Aurora FC must also pay a league fee each year that covers the costs of soccer operations, which include all game field costs, referee costs and other game day costs such as event staff, medical staff and OPDL technical staff.

The Aurora Football Club has put together a specific budget for the OPDL program, to be clear on what is accounted for in your OPDL fees. Aurora FC provides you with a complete breakdown of what is covered in your fees below:

Included in Fees:
      • Coaching costs - Technical staff including a National B licensed head coach, an assistant coaches with Provincial certification, goalkeeper coach, strength and conditioning trainers and sports medicine staff.
      • OPDL League Fees
      • Additional specialist coaching
      • Sport Performance (Physiotherapists and Fitness)
      • Practice Field Costs (Indoor/Outdoor)
      • Practice equipment (balls, cones, etc)
      • Team apparel and equipment

2018 OPDL Athlete Scholarship Program (Financial Assistance)
The “OPDL Fee Assistance Program” was established by Ontario Soccer in 2014. Moving forward (starting with 2018), this program will be designated the “OPDL Athlete Scholarship Program”. This change reflects a shift in priority for the program. The “OPDL Athlete Scholarship Program” will recognize commitment of eligible OPDL athletes, while providing concentrated funding to OPDL players with a demonstrated significant playing potential.

In 2018 the OPDL Athlete Scholarship Program will award a total of $122,000.00 to eligible
full time OPDL players, with grants ranging from $750-$1,500.

Applications must be submitted through Aurora FC for consideration and not directly to Ontario Soccer. If application is successful, applicants are eligible to receive an Ontario Soccer grant that covers portion of the OPDL league fee component of the player's club fee.

Individuals who would like to apply for the OPDL Athlete Scholarship Program need to provide information by filling out the OPDL Athlete Scholarship Program - Application Form (link found on page 4 of the 2018 OPDL Athlete Scholarship Program Manual). You are expected to provide us with the following info/documentation:
  • Player Information
  • Parent/Guardian Information
  • Family Information
  • Financial Information (requires a copy of the most current Notice of Assessment for the player's parents/guardians to be included with each application)
Financial Assessment
Interested candidates must meet the financial criteria detailed in the 2018 OPDL Athlete Scholarship Program Manual and must include most recent Notice of Assessment of the applicant's parents/guardians to be submitted along with the application to Ontario Soccer.

Technical Assessment
Once validated, the Application form will be completed by our Technical Director providing Ontario Soccer with the required technical player assessment.

All applications will be reviewed by Ontario Soccer during the assessment period in each window and successful applicants and License Holders will be notified directly.

First application window:
February 1st, 2018 -> Application opens
April 15th, 2018     -> Application closes
May 30th, 2018      -> Successful Applicants and License Holders notified

Second application window:
June 25th, 2018    -> Application opens
July 16th , 2018    -> Application closes

Applicants not successful on the 1st window will be automatically considered in the 2nd window.

2018 OPDL Athlete Scholarship - Program Manual

2018 OPDL Athlete Scholarship - Application Form

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