Stinger Stars 2012 Photos

2012 Stinger Stars

Stinger Stars Special Needs clinics for boys and girls 6 – 16 years of age

Saturday was excellent. Very well organized and the kids had a ball. We are looking forward to a great season!

Our son was so happy and enjoyed soccer last Saturday.

My little son LOVED IT!!!!! He can't stop talking about "HIS" Coach Pat & Vito :) Last year we chased him around the field..this year he needed NO ASSISTANCE, was compliant and actually "Coach's Pet" (wanted to be a helper). Can't wait til Sat!

Thank YOU!

Our son thoroughly enjoyed Saturday's soccer class - thanks to all who make his program possible.


Our daughter had a great time! It is nice to see it so well organized this year.


Our Son’s dad took him and said he had a wonderful time. He is looking forward to next week.

Thank you!!

I know that my daughter had a great time on Saturday. We loved the turnout of the coaches and all the volunteers! It is such a good program. If you ever think of doing a winter program we would be very interested...even if there are fees involved!

Thanks again

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