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The Aurora FC is proud of our involvement in the development of players, and coaches. The club puts a lot of time into the proper growth of our team, to ensure the future and the success of the club. Our club continues to put a large emphasis on coaching development through many of our programs, but also we continue to provide scheduled clinics & workshops to educate and prepare for licensing.

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Gianni Cimini

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About the Female Coach Mentorship Program
The Aurora Youth Soccer Club is committed to supporting and developing female coaches in Ontario. The Female Mentorship Program is designed to train female coaches, who in turn will act as coaches to our teams within the AYSC. The AYSC is aiming to increase the number of active elite female coaches and to create an improved female coaching culture.

The AYSC Female Mentorship Program has been created by our experienced technical team to prepare and educate our female coaches to enhance their knowledge of the game. The program is spread out in a 4 month period with itís main purpose to create a female coaching culture in an environment where coaches feel comfortable asking questions, share best practices, and are fully aware of the coaching education pathway in Canada.

The program will be delivered through various coaching workshops, consisting of classroom presentations, group activities, on field sessions, game analysis and the opportunity to be mentored by our OPDL or Rep coaches. Our introduction meeting will take place Sunday, May 1, 2016 and will go over the program outline.

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As part of the Long Term Player Development (LTPD) program mandated by the Canadian Soccer Association (CSA), the Active Start Stage of development, which introduces children to the game of soccer. During the Active Start stage of development, the goal is to keep the children moving, active with a ball and develop a passion for the game of soccer. Teaching basic movements such as running, jumping, twisting, kicking, throwing and catching is key at this stage. A central focus is on the player with the ball!

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