U10 Girls Team 1 - McGarrigle Cup Champions

U10 Girls Team 1 - McGarrigle Cup Champions

Saturday, August 13, 2011 was a great day to play soccer especially for the U10 Stingers Girls Team 1 as they captured the McGarrigle Cup with a solid 4 - 1 victory over the Markham Lightning.  The game saw a very determined Markham team work the Stingers hard as Markham used the energy provided by a Penalty Kick victory over Richmond Hill to advance from the semi finals.  The Stingers were steady as usual, playing a complete team game that leveraged their skills, athleticism, trust in each other and determination on their way to victory.  Earlier in the day the Stingers advanced from the semi final defeating the Newmarket United White team by a margin of 3 - 2.

Congratulations Stingers!!!